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A graduate of the École Normale de Musique de Paris, of the Paris Conservatoire and holder of a Master in Musicology from the Sorbonne Paris IV, Benoît has above all forged a complete classical repertoire through the study of the piano, clarinet, orchestration, and harmony.


It was following meetings with international contemporary artists (directors, visual artists, photographers, videographers, etc.) that, ever since 2007, he began to create universes and musical works for art installations in museums and prestigious art centers, like that of the “3CHA” at Châteaugiron, the “Center of Art and Nature” at the Château de Chaumont-sur- Loire, or even at IRCAM where, in 2016, he presented a musical and tactile plant organ during international meetings.


Composer and Music Designer for the luxury industry and large institutions, he also specializes in audio branding and the creation of sound identities at the service of brands, within an international sound communication agency for five years.


Benoît regularly composes and orchestrates albums for his publisher Cezame music, with whom he has been joyfully collaborating for several years. The music produced is mainly intended for television and cinema.


Always fascinated by the poetry of the perfect marriage between music and images, Benoît is currently developing a career as a composer for cinema, exploring a range of styles ranging from orchestral music to score writing with more hybrid and electronic themes and variations.


In his musical writing, he always passionately does his utmost to bring out the entirety of the beauty, the nuances and the elegance of the stories he accompanies. Benoît likes to preciously design his music as a perfumer would compose with his perfume notes, in order to find the exact combination, one that touches, persists and remains in memories. With his dual French and Korean culture, he now creates music for works in France and abroad.